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Private encounters with French luxury creators. An encounter with the little hands of haute couture and costume Paris, a renowned workshop with prestigious collaborations in fashion (Dior, Chanel…) and in the cinema (Luc Besson…).

Haute Couture : Make your shopping and discover the creation process of a haute couture dress as well as French fashion History

Costume : Go behind the scenes of the cinema industry and meet the costume designers that create for internatio- nal productions. Discover the historical researches process as well as how costumes are specifically adapted for a shooting.

The art of body language and the history of the female silhouette : discover the nuances of body movement and codified body language specific to the Age of Enlightenment and the Belle Epoque. Try on a costume and learn about the role of outfits and their underpinnings (corsets, crinolines, cages, collars…).

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