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Thank you so much Djamila Kerdoun for inviting me to such a unique and interesting event … its a brilliant and new idea , we shared a lot of interests, cultures between the Europe fashion and the Arab fashion. I learned a lot of things from this journey … you showed us the real stories behind the big designers. it was really interesting. Thank you for the beautiful times that we spent together , you have the best personality and a wonderful heart. may you be blessed with long life , happiness and success in your career … keep up the brilliant work 🙂

Shaikha Almandeel

After g week of meetings and work with beautiful companionship… I’m getting back to my own work and have time for myself… I’m spending my day hours in the most beautiful tailoring shops and fabrics in Paris, selecting the most beautiful design, I saw and implied to my pièces of which I don’t release till it satisfied me.


Many Thanks to my beautiful out and Inside Djamila co founder of DK Ambassador, wonderful character and dealing for this unique and special event such event is very useful, it made a footprint and a significant impact on interested in fashion in general. Thanks to everyone who invited me to attend this event and thank you for choosing me to represent my country : U.A.E Thank you for giving us me and my sister Elham the opportunity to integrate the culture of fashion and design… Thanks to all personnal of DK Ambassador who accompanied us and gave us their precious time during this week… Thank you for the beautiful company : DK Ambassador who where with us and shared their interest and culture, and the beautiful time spend together. Thanks to God

Eman Al Falamrzi

I saw in the field of fashion and design that this step adds lots and lots on this area of fashion, design and the acquisition of cultures, history and stories of each brand and how we learn and influenced us as fashion conscious of such events that add a lot to us and integrating the culture of western fashion in Arabic . This step is very, very important and unique of its kind it has never been someone interest in them .. I hope in the coming days, the event will be bigger and bigger and deliver a broad interest and large by the media, designers and people interested in fashion in general. I wish you all the best to you and always forward.Thank you Djamila for this beautiful experience

A.bint M

Your tourism & events agency located in heart of Paris. You can freely choose your trip, holiday, journey from the many offers we have. Your facilitators relationship : DK Ambassador wants to offer innovation in luxury services, with new concepts for an up market clientele with ever-increasing requirements.

As such, we offer our exclusive VIP services to the Family, Men or wives and children travelling with you in Europe or foreign countries.

We ensure their welfare and entertainment in your absence (personal shopping, rest and relaxation, guided trips, theme parks, virtual museum visits, nannies, childcare, recreational and artistic activities, shows and even French lessons).

We will answer to all your requests by supplying a wide range of services: accommodations, transfers, restaurants, trips, excursions, guided tours, cabarets for group or individual, for leisure or business, for budget or luxury. We know to answer at your expectations in an efficient, competitive and personalized way.

DK Ambassador Services

We are ahead of your expectation with 5 innovative concepts

We realize that having a good schedule directly impacts on your business performance. Are you in France to make first-class business contacts? We will manage your agenda while taking your budget and your free time into consideration. You will enjoy your visit and relax during your spare time through the DK Ambassador® and DK Busy Men® services.

  • Residence for one night stay or more
  • Private Transfert or Long-term transport
  • Concierge services
  • Personal Ambassador for your business trip
  • Private sports coach
  • Appointments for “anti-jetlag” services and personalized treatment
  • Appointments for medical check-ups
  • Organizing your private Event
  • Luxury property search

Do your shopping and discover the creation process of a haute couture dress as well as French fashion History ;  An exclusive service for the DK MARHABA VIP® Members Subject to her availability, Djamila Kerdoun, founder of DK Serenity Women® will come along with you to offer the most enjoyable French shopping experience.

You will benefit from a personal treatment, customized advice and privileged conditions

  • Personal Shopper and image consulting
  • Secure transport
  • Luxurious shopping and unique day
  • Relaxation & wellbeing programmes
  • Gourmet French workshop and advice of starred chef
  • Organization of your private parties
  • French Oriental wedding planner service

DK Ambassador offers a service entirely dedicated to your children. This will allow you to relax and fully enjoy your free time.  With an experienced professional team, we will choose a bilingual or trilingual babysitter or an afternoon care providing innovative games and educational activities adapted to your child’s age.

  • Trilingual nanny (French, Arabic, English)
  • Secure transport
  • Amusement parcs
  • Creative activities
  • Sports coach for children (Kids Zumba)
  • Leisure and tailored made workshops
  • Gastronomy workshops
  • Private events (birthday parties, Incentive, Team building, Cocktail)

Our mission is to improve your living conditions, facilitate the transfers of disabled people and promote the respect of your dignity and your fundamental rights. Transport services – Special Care and Medical Assistance. In order to provide a customized response to the needs of disabled people, DK Ambassador® has created a dedicated assistance program.

For your safety, please remember to check if you will need a personal assistant and if you need special care or a follow-up care.  In this case, please inform DK Ambassador® of your specific need 48 hours before your arrival.

We are aware of the growing challenges facing managers and are conscious that the preparation, the anticipation as well as solid interpersonal relationships and the knowledge of the cultural environments are a key to success. We respond to this need by providing you with practical, interactive and operational online resources that you will use wherever you are.

  • French e-learning classes (all levels and business French)
  • Online secretarial work
  • Video conferences
  • Personalised programmes
  • Reports
  • Online advice (coaching : personal development, marketing, e-marketing)
  • Events

What Else? What’s Happening in international countries At The Moment

DK Ambassador shares with you the last main events in Europe and International countries. This allows you to get an idea about the activities we can organize for you to make your stay unforgettable. This blog is just a summarize ; of course we will adapt according to your interests.

  • Shopping: shopping tour in the most exclusive or fashionable shops
  • Events: concerts, operas, fashion show, festivals …
  • Cultural: exhibitions, monuments, typical places…
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