The concept

DK Ambassador launch the first edition of the “Sommet International de la Mode” in Paris « Capital de la Mode ». Djamila Kerdoun, Présidente and founder of DK Ambassador and Le Sommet International de la Mode has developed a collaboration with different partners,  to support fashion designers talented from worldwide.

This first edition, under the sign of creation and innovation, will bring together all the actors from France and the Middle East who will make the fashion of tomorrow in order to exchange on the stakes of the sector.

France is the country of fashion. This place owes it to its history, to its heritage unique in the world, to the creativity and audacity of its talents.
The luxury industry is a tool of French economic diplomacy in all over the world.

Djamila Kerdoun, president of DK Ambassador company has founded the Sommet International de la Mode, follows the recommendations of Lyne Cohen-Solal’s report on fashion in France and exchanges, needs expected during the “Forum de la Mode” in Paris presented in December 2015 under the patronage of the Minister of Culture and the Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital. It is organized with the support of the Professional Committee for the Economic Development of Clothing (DEFI) and with the support of the Fédération Française de la Couture, the Prêt-à-porter des Couturiers and the Fashion Designers and the French Federation Of Women’s.

The event in Paris,  Monaco and Cannes soon

Over the years, DK Ambassador intends to hold this initiative in the middle east regions willing to invest in French emerging young talents & Haute Couture Maisons open to the Arabian culture and vice versa. This program allows Arabic and French young & upcoming designers to interact with industry professionals via a group collection show & installation.

Le Sommet International de la Mode by DK Ambassador® and his partner Claire Damaa Group further provides brands and corporate, brand activation opportunities. This summit will be the biggest and the most  unique, creative and important international plateform. This summit against sponsorships also creates avenues to assist brands reach their marketing objectives.

As the only industry based fashion design trade event in Middle East, DK Ambassador assists in designer wear business development, industry growth, and brands to activate and reach their target audience.

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