Premier forum franco-arabe du tourisme de luxe et de la mode : un pont entre la France et le monde arabe


Le 14 février prochain, DK Ambassador lance la première édition du Forum International du tourisme de luxe et de la mode. C’est le premier Forum de ce genre organisé. Il repose sur une idée simple : faire découvrir aux Ambassades des pays arabes et de France, aux créateurs, aux partenaires, aux touristes, aux médias et aux marques les innovations.


DK Ambassador Unveils The Arabian Fashion Week, a New Experience Within France Talents for the Women Coming From Middle East.


On 14 February, the first Franco Arab Forum of Tourism & Fashion was opened in the Mairie of 15ème arrondissement. The Franco Arab Forum of Tourism & Fashion is an international plateform in France. This is a grande première.


This Forum is based on a simple idea: allow the Ambassadors, French Government, tourists actors, partners, brings together the most innovative thinkers and doers, the most committed to the revivals in the Arab world. DK Ambassador commits to gathering change-makers and disseminating the most pioneering solutions to inspire those who believe in a collaborative approach. That’s why DK Ambasssador, innovative company introduced the Arabian Fashion Week concept during this Forum. During the first Forum Franco Arab Forum guests are discoved the concept of Arabian Fashion Week France from inside. This luxury & exclusive event was experienced by a cohort of 20 privileged women last June (1st Inauguration of the Arabian Fashion Week): they for example met a perfumer, discover a new collection, Visit the secret of the culture of Fashion, taste macaroons and enjoyed other surprises in company with their host, DK Ambassador. Major French brands applause the concept and apply for joining in this adventure « Made in France « .


Djamila and Houssem KERDOUN are the Founders of DK Ambassador. Proud of their French heritage and their Mediterranean roots, they constantly invent events and services to develop new networks of trade, talents and expertise mainly by working with exceptional partners sharing their values​​. On the occasion of the Marhaba France Fair in Dubai on May 2th & the Arab World Renewal organised by the Institut du Monde Arabe,

Djamila said:  » I ​dream to show the marvels of my country , to be the ambassador of our talents and , dear ladies, welcome you with a white rose. This is for you I created the Arabian Fashion Week and share my dream. « 

Djamila & Houssem Kerdoun

Premier forum franco-arabe du tourisme de luxe et de la mode : un pont entre la France et le monde arabe